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About CLIC

CLIC by Suzanne is a contemporary Dutch jewellery label that distinguishes itself using strong forms and a particular application of material and technique. The common theme in the collection is the use of aluminium, the stylistic elements and the unique magnetic clasp that is ingeniously incorporated into every design.

CLIC always a matching ensemble

CLIC by Suzanne is stylish and timeless. What is particularly special about the creations is their ability to continuously captivate through their strong, simplistic and clear-cut design. Moreover, the jewellery effortlessly matches every outfit and are ideal to mix & match with each other. Casual, dressy, festive or sporty; CLIC complements every outfit and can be worn every day of the week. As we like to say:

‘It’s Monday. Don’t forget to be awesome.’

Craftsmanship & tailor made

Every piece of CLIC jewellery is hand crafted by Suzanne and her team. Pure craftsmanship! Furthermore, her own studio also create tailor made jewellery. Do you have something special in mind? Then inquire about the possibilities, we are only too glad to be of help.

CLIC by Suzanne:

  • unique and timeless designs
  • 100% Dutch, hand crafted in own studio
  • aluminium: lightweight
  • unique, invisible clasp
  • guaranteed nickel-free: no allergy!
  • colour fast: no discolouring
  • durable: polishing is not necessary

‘Creativity is intelligence having fun’

Suzanne Schaars is the driving force behind CLIC, which she founded in 2002. Find out about Suzanne's vision, inspiration and ideas.

Bio Suzanne
Lives with: her husband Joost and their three children
Education: Vakschool Schoonhoven (NL)
Grew up: in a village in the province of Brabant (NL)
Lives and works: again in the province of Brabant (NL) since 2002

Suzanne in hashtags

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During her economics studies in the VU University Amsterdam, Suzanne took a life-changing decision. She dropped her study to follow her heart and enrolled with Vakschool Schoonhoven, where she successfully completed the worker in precious metals study. With her diploma in hand, she left for Dallas (USA), where she quickly gained experience as a jewellery designer and goldsmith. Suzanne returned to her roots in the Netherlands in 2002 and started CLIC Creations.

Dismantling radios to make jewellery

“Everything comes together at CLIC. I put everything into it: my creativity, my entrepreneurial drive and my passion for technology. As a child, I enjoyed being creative and I had a love of technology. I used to dismantle old clocks, calculators and even radios for their bits and parts, these were great for creating wonderful pieces of jewellery! There was hardly a time when I wasn't busy with beads, strings, clay and glue. My father's wood and metalworking company was one of my favourite places to pass the time of day. I learned a lot just from being there.

From economics student to worker in precious metals

Why economics? A good question, one that I can't actually put my finger on... I left my home village to go to Amsterdam and live the student life. In no time, I signed up for a goldsmith evening course. Even though I found my chosen field boring, my evening course was my outlet. And it was my course leader, Jaap de Vries, an authority in the field, who actually tipped the scales for me. He recognised my talent and encouraged me to follow a worker in precious metals study. Yes, Einstein’s quote, ‘Creativity is intelligence having fun’ fits me like a glove.

Cool machinery, refined jewellery

Aluminium soon intrigued me, it is light, sturdy, timeless and forms a splendid basis for strong, simplistic designs. And my love of technology resurfaces in working with aluminium. The material is relatively soft and requires specific expertise and tools. So our workshop boasts large, cool machinery. It is amazing to see that refined jewellery is created using these machines! The common theme in my collection is graphic forms, the play on dimensions, glossy and colourful details and the invisible magnetic clasp.

C+C became CLIC

CLIC lends its name to the invisible clasp. The name is actually derived from the design of my very first bracelet ‘C+C’, still one of the top pieces in my collection. The bracelet comprises two lightweight C-forms, incorporating magnets into the design solved the clasp issue and in one flicker of inspiration, CLIC was born. We are now numerous collections further on down the road. Already more than two hundred designs have been transformed into jewellery and renowned jewellers sell my CLIC label. For some years now, CLIC has been making inroads beyond our borders and that is a fantastic feeling! That little girl who used to dismantle radios now creates beautiful pieces of jewellery for women throughout the world... never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined this!

Made with love

With CLIC, I stay true to myself, and my collection is all about strong, wearable art. My pieces are suitable for those special occasions but can also be a daily accessory. Every piece is lovingly made using traditional methods by me and my team and all my CLIC pieces incorporate some part of my nature. The name says it all: CLIC by Suzanne:

The name says it all: CLIC by Suzanne.


Suzanne Geschreven afb

CLIC Creations

Graaf van Solmsweg 46-D
5222 BP 's-Hertogenbosch
+31 (0)73 747 00 88

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